New gestures in iOS 13 for working with text on iPhone and iPad that you might not know about

As you already know, or even managed to notice, iOS 13 and iPadOS have several new interesting ways to work with text. Now you can use gestures to select, cutting out, copying, insertion, cancel and redo.

Besides, you can easily move the cursor to the place you need and scroll the text faster with the help of a special scroll bar.

How to quickly and accurately set the cursor to any place in the text using the virtual trackpad on iPhone and iPad

One of the most useful actions, which can be done using 3D Touch, is turning the on-screen keyboard of iPhone and iPad into a virtual trackpad with a simple long press on any button. In this case, the character icons disappear from the keyboard, and it will become a platform for controlling the cursor and moving it quickly across the text, which is being worked with.

This popular gesture is very useful, as it allows you to speed up the exact installation of the cursor anywhere in the text, without taking your hands off the screen and not pressing it once again. But in the latest generation of devices, Apple has replaced 3D Touch with Haptic Touch. Because of this, the way to activate the virtual trackpad has changed.

Henceforth, to activate virtual trackpad, press and hold space bar. After that, how all characters disappear from the keyboard, move the cursor over the text. It is very comfortable.

note, that this gesture works the same on all Apple devices without 3D Touch, including iPhone XR and all iPad models.

Gestures when editing text on iOS and iPadOS

Text selection

You can quickly highlight a word, sentence or entire paragraph with simple touches.

Before using the gestures described below, activate text editing mode (a keyboard should appear).

Word Highlighting: double click on it.

Highlighting a proposal: click on it three times.

Paragraph selection: click on it four times.

Highlight a specific piece of text on a page: double-tap and hold your finger after a second press at the beginning of the text, and then slide your finger down the page.

File selection, points, lists and t.d.: double-tap an item and move to the side necessary for selection.

Cutting out, copy and paste

It has never been so easy to cut, copy and paste text, than using gestures to edit text, introduced with iOS 13 and iPadOS. Remember to first use the method described above to select a fragment of your text.

Copy: squeeze the selection with your thumb and two fingers (three finger spike).

Cutting out: quickly squeeze the selected text twice with your thumb and two fingers (three fingers double pinch).

Insert: with your thumb and two fingers, expand the selected text.

Undo and redo the last action

Undo and redo just as easily with gestures, as well as perform the other actions described above.

Cancel: swipe right to left with three fingers.

Replay: swipe left to right with three fingers.

Cursor and scroll bar

Although these two gestures are not technically related to text editing, they are also worth remembering.

Move cursor: to move the cursor to the desired location, just move it. Click on the cursor and drag it there, where to. He will fall to the indicated place, when you take your finger off the screen.

Fast scrolling with the scroll bar: to speed up scrolling, press and hold the scroll bar to the right of the document, and then gesture up or down. This technique works well for long documents, emails, web pages and more.