MSQRD Masquerade – real-time virtual masks and effects

Belarusian developers of the company Masquerade have released the same application (spelled «MSQRD»), which allows you to apply funny animated masks and effects to the human appearance in real time. It looks very cool!

In an instant, MSQRD will make the user known as a person, animal or add to the appearance of a cheerful effect. Virtual masks look live, automatically adjusting to the size and contours of the face even when the distance changes.

Be sure to watch the video review:

The application allows you to take a video message or photo on the main (you can send it to another person) or front camera. Just select the image you like and press the virtual shutter button. Some visual effects require the user to perform simple actions. for example, open mouth, in order to activate the fountains of tears.

The resulting file can be shared with friends or publish on social networks.

It is worth noting a very high-quality implementation of the program. According to the developers, the original face tracking system was used to create the MSQRD.

You can move in frame, talk and turn around — everything works quite smoothly even on outdated iPhones and iPads.

In addition to all the advantages of MSQRD, described above, you can add another equally important — the application is available for free.

Developers constantly replenish the collection of images and strongly recommend setting up an alert when new effects appear in the application settings.