Math Puzzle The Mesh

The Mesh game is rightfully considered one of the best math puzzles among those released for the iPhone and iPad.

It has reached popularity due to the ideal combination of complex tasks and a stylish interface implemented in it.

A big mistake would be to judge the game by the screenshots. This is generally not advisable to do in the case of this category of games, because the process is important in them, not a visual component. Although the latest for The Mesh is also all right. However, after launching the game, Pay attention to the design just will not be time.

The Mesh

The essence of The Mesh is to solve special equations, in which not only numbers can be unknown, but also the relationship between them. First levels introductory, they explain the task of the puzzle and the approaches to solving it. All tasks in the game are built on the same model: there is a certain number, which should be obtained in the process of arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). There is also a set of numbers, randomly arranged, from which to build the right row, so that the result is initially given number.

The Mesh

Tasks are designed in structure, looks like a honeycomb. Moving and replacing numbers and operations to achieve a certain result refer to classic «Fifteen». With each new level, the number of figures appearing in the puzzle will increase, which will significantly complicate the gameplay. Last assignments, even a sophisticated admirer of this genre, sure to make you suffer a decision.

In addition to the really challenging and exciting gameplay, you should also note the high-quality design of the game, as visual, so and musical. Sound canvas, accompanying gameplay, will not distract and drag the user’s attention to themselves. Rather the opposite – the music in the game sets the appropriate mood tasks.