Machinarium review for iPhone, iPad and Mac – one of the best adventure quests

Little robot Joseph is at the dump because of unknown villains. In addition to the desire to return to the city of Machinarium robots and «to repay a debt» offenders, he also has good goals: find the missing girlfriend and save the city from imminent disaster.

As you know, the game received the same name as a legacy from a fictional city, in which steam technology fills everyone.

In the game Machinarium, absolutely everything in our usual life, iron only. There are ordinary urban good people, there are gangsters, constantly delivering a lot of problems. Robot, seeking to save the inhabitants of the city from the tricks of the Gang of Black Hats, constantly gets into various modifications and extreme situations, helps others, confronted with the constant solution of all kinds of problems. true, in places, at the beginning, a little annoying atmosphere of slight despondency, but his puzzles will shatter.

Getting a little moral can knock out «from rut». The goal is not completely clear and what character should play. About a third of the game is in some ignorance. And only then begins to make sense. And only to the end comes a clear understanding, that this was a trick.

Elementary management, built on clicks on objects and objects. Quest genre provides a detailed study of the map. And therefore, from time to time the game will have to thoroughly turn on your brain to solve puzzles, search for inconspicuous parts and how to use them.

Machinarium can not be called a simple game, without prompts to pass quite problematic, but they also need to earn. Heavily impatient can, of course, and online tips search. There is a drawing walkthrough, which makes the game available to every user. Simple interface. Bottom of the screen – settings and download buttons, up – inventory. Machinarium — without any special supereffects, but the graphics are decent. The soundtrack’s creativity and soundness are impressive.

The game is built on symbols and images, no talk, no subtitles used. Thoughts of characters float in the form of animated clouds.