Lookout, or how to find a lost iPhone with Apple WatchLookout, or how to find a lost iPhone with Apple WatchLookou

Lose the iPhone or at least think, that you have lost him this will not wish the enemy. But if you have an Apple Watch smart watch, it became easier to protect yourself from the possible loss of your favorite gadget.

The company-developer of mobile applications in the field of security Lookout introduced the same application for Watch. His purpose — do not let the owner lose his «apple» smartphone or at least find it faster.

In fact, Lookout — digital «leash». It allows you to find the iPhone even then, when he’s not around — The application measures the power level of the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the Apple Watch, and then determines the approximate distance from the clock to the phone. If you are too far away from the iPhone, and the Bluetooth connection failed, Lookout will make Apple Watch vibrate.

The application has useful functions for more unpleasant situations — iPhone theft or loss. Lookout will show the last place, on which the pair between the smartphone and the Apple Watch still worked — so now you even know, where to start the search.

If you still can’t find the iPhone, or are you sure, that the smartphone was stolen — turn on the Siren function. Loud signal will tell you, where to looking for «losing», and in the case of theft, it will probably scare off the abductors and force them to get rid of the device as soon as possible.

Lookout looks useful — if only because, that it is not necessary to log in to your Apple account from a computer (is he always at hand?), all information can be obtained directly on the Watch screen.

Perhaps, the only minus of the application — high price in that case, if you want to get all the features (and protection against theft is just paid).