Loading side applications to your Mac? You’re now fenced out of this

Apple has started fencing a probability to install 3rd-party apps for its Mac users if they used third-party resources to upload apps on Apple’s devices.

Some company insiders & market specialists have already told about the plans of Apple to do so. Finally, the company has tuned its server-side to allow fencing on the technical level. That will mean it becomes no longer technically feasible to upload side applications to M1 Mac using iPhones or iPads through IPA files downloader or by means of one of the popular tools like iMazing.

For a long time, it was allowed for all apps for iPhones & iPads to be run on Mac but developers can now opt-out of the possibility to allow running them there. For Mac users, it means that such applications will no longer be available in the Mac App Store. With other programs now unable to install any apps on Macs not dedicated to run on them, Apple takes grips of absolute control of what users can & cannot install & use on their Macs.Определение модели MacBook - Служба поддержки Apple

Currently, with the user’s attempt to install anything on Mac, the following screen message appears: ‘Unable to Install the ‘X’. This application cannot be installed…’, where ‘X’ is the name of a disallowed app.

The next step of Apple, as we suppose, can be as follows: should Apple find any disallowed app running on Mac (like Netflix, Facebook, or Instagram), their user can be temporarily suspended until all such apps are removed. However, as of today, all users who have already installed side apps will have them working without errors.