Laser drawings on the iPhone screen – another lesson from TechRax

The manufacturers of protective glasses for premium-class smartphones can be called, without much exaggeration, alchemists of the 21st century — that, who can really do «not killed» screen armor, get rich in the truest sense of the word.

And as a tester, they could hire a TechRax blogger, who is a recognized expert in the field of damage to expensive gadgets.

so, his next experiment lesson is dedicated to applying images to the screen of the iPhone 6s using a laser. It should be mentioned here, that the iPhone 6s screen is significantly different from previous models of apple smartphone — 3D Touch technology influenced the location of the resistive layer and sensors, and protective glass has become more durable due to two-stage ionization in the production process. This is indirectly confirmed by, that the difference between the drawings of the author of the video on the flagship screen and the iPhone 4 is noticeable to the naked eye — once again we are trying to squeeze out the information content and utility from the TechRax experiment.

Describe the movie itself does not make much sense — The details of the experience may be of interest only to technical specialists in the production of lasers and protective glasses, as well as anthropologists, addicted to rock paintings of ancient people. The only nuance, which is quite impressed by the author, is that, what burns, left by laser, barely visible when the iPhone screen is off.