Kardia Band, or how to get an ECG using Apple Watch

Startup in the field of medical technology AliveCor introduced the world’s first Apple Watch strap with built-in ECG sensor.

The quality of the measurement data is comparable to a conventional device from the nearest clinic.

Kardia Band

Getting information is easy — just put your finger on the plate, placed right on the stylish watchband.

The strap is offered complete with a proprietary application. The software automatically reads data from sensors built into the accessory, invites the owner to make voice notes and send them to the treating doctor together with the ECG. With the help of notes, a specialist will easily understand the picture before him — eg, whether heart palpitations are caused by just a cup of coffee or something more serious.

Kardia Band

Voice notes can also be used to control other things — eg, amount of food eaten or exercise done. Data collected can be sent to Apple Health.

Developers celebrate, that their new product will prove especially useful to people with arrhythmia — Kardia Band will be able to determine the pre-stroke condition (or, vice versa, to report, that health is all right now). But all people who are not indifferent to their health can use it. AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra (ex-google, known as the creator of the social network Google+):

«Kardia Band for Apple Watch — this and the future of proactive heart health monitoring, and the world’s first wearable medical technology device».

Kardia Band