JIC – a case that allows you to record a phone conversation on the iPhone

The official version of iOS is not and, probably, there will never be an opportunity to sneak a conversation with the right person. If you still need this kind of service — notice the new project with IndieGoGo.

Case called Just In Case (JIC for short) worth $29. For this money you get a case with a built-in microphone and a drive for storing already recorded conversations. It does not connect to the iPhone, which makes this sentence quite interesting.

Externally Just In Case — pretty ordinary case to protect the iPhone from damage. but the devil, as known, is in the details. A microphone is placed in the case, able to catch voices as owner, so and his companion. The conversation is written on the attached 2-gigabyte SD card (if you wish, you can put your own, more capacity).

The novelty allows you not only to record a phone conversation on the iPhone in MP3 format, but makes marks on the audio track, as a result, it becomes much easier to work with data. Control is carried out with just two buttons — the first is responsible for starting the recording and pausing, another — for playing a conversation through the speaker built into the back panel. Complete battery lasts for 8 hours.

Just In Case is available in red, black, blue, white, yellow and green colors, there are versions for all Apple smartphones, starting with iphone 5.

Of course, use such — in appearance, rather cumbersome — case every day to anything, but on occasion, you can and should take advantage of such an offer.