iTunes is the best way to organize, watch, listen and replenish your collection.

I have intentions to talk about, How can I download music on the iPhone without using paid programs?.

The first step is to run the program itself, then, need to go to the top drop-down menu, enter point «File», and in it, with a single click of the mouse, select the item for adding a file to the library.

After that, how did you do everything right, You will need to download pre-selected music files, selecting either the folder itself, where are the musical compositions, either by downloading individual files.

After that, how the previous step was successfully completed, and music is uploaded to iTunes, you will need to edit your music collection (create playlist, add «cover» covers, edit titles and t.d.). To do this, click on the file of interest to you with the right mouse button, and from the menu that appears, select the item «Intelligence».

In reality, This process can be simply ignored, but in this case is not guaranteed, that the music downloaded to your iPhone will have names similar to the name of the files on the hard disk of the computer, which may make it difficult to find.

Afterwards, when the music collection to be downloaded is edited, you need to sync your device with iTunes, which will allow you to download music on the iPhone. After that, how the synchronization process will be completed, the music will already be in your smartphone.