What to Do When iPhone 5 Doesn’t Turn On and Charge

iPhone 5 turned to be an absolutely new device for Apple that was developed right after iPhone 4 launch. It had completely new design, new specifications, new possibilities… But as often happens, each new development has certain defects.

At first, the new smartphone’s owners noticed a poor quality of metal parts painting – device’s metal edges paint was peeling in a short time and the phone lost its former expression. Besides, some people faced an issue connecting to network.

As time passed by, the new iPhone operation revealed a more serious issue – one day many owners of 5th generation of iPhone found their phone randomly shutting down and not responding to touch. Herewith, after that iPhone won’t respond even on plugging in to a charger. How can it be explained and how to fix the problem?

At first, iPhone 5 randomly turning off may be explained by a certain software bug. In most cases, software stucks are concerned with the lack of RAM to process all running apps. All you have to do to solve this issue is to force your iPhone to restart. Be sure to check if your battery had drained completely. If so, connect the charger to the device and wait for an hour or two. Than reset the phone, force it to restart and wait until Apple logo appears. Besides, check the outlets where you plug in a charger.

At second, iPhone 5 battery very often teardowns after mechanical failure or dropping. If you have faced such a problem, the device can operate smoothly for the first time, though the owner hears a certain sound of battery hanging loosely inside the housing. At the end, the battery tail that connects mainboard to the battery frets or teardowns. As a result, iPhone stops turning on anymore. iPhone 5 battery replacement, which is done in a service center, solves the issue.

The battery can stop functioning due to the usage of low-quality chargers, power surges or moistening. In these cases, either battery or charging port (the port of connecting a charger) can be damaged, though being restored or replaced in the service centre.

However, situations may take place when chips mounted on mainboard breakdown after mechanical failure or short circuit. The part that breakdowns first is a Q2 chip that protects other elements on a circuit board.

U2 chip can fail the next (charger controller and USB synchronization chip). In the worst case the main iPhone 5 power supply controller, U7 chip, may get broken too. Its failure is the most serious problem related to iPhone 5. Besides, modem power supply controller chip may also have malfunction. The constant notification of the network search, with SIM-card being out, may be considered as visible signs of this failure.

Solving these issues is rather a daunting task and is more complicated than a regular modules repair. The repair related to mainboard and BGA-chips is time consuming and requires plenty of resources, efforts, and money. Besides, such iPhone repair requires large experience and knowledge of the device mainboard’s layout.