iPhone What to Love and Hate

If you’ve waited intensely for the release of the iPhone just like I was, then you’re simply one of the millions. Practically we’re all hit with the iPhone fever, because we’re enthralled by their so-called touch screen technology. But looking back now, I ask myself, is this smart phone a true piece of eye candy or is it sugarcoated with too much exaggeration?

First, let’s talk about the advantages of the iPhone. It has a very big screen, compared to any ordinary phones. (This I like very much) It means that you can view text messages and images with clarity. No need for endless scrolling. Its colors are of course very sharp and very vivid.

I really don’t know how you’ll classify its touch screen system. Sometimes I find it really fascinating, since I don’t have to bring the stylus or tire my fingers with the keypads. But since it’s a relatively new technology, this means constant practice is still needed. Nevertheless, finger pressing seems a lot of fun. In fact, there are already iPhone tricks that you can do.

Iphone allows everyone to connect to the Internet in a variety of ways. You can go for WiFi connection or utilize its EDGE technology. But if you have previously used a 3G phone, iPhone may fall short as it’s only a dual-band phone; data transmission can be much slower. Its Safari web browser may not be at par with the one you have in your PC, yet it’s still very impressive. What other phone can allow you to look at web pages as they are?

The iPhone is also a true blue handheld video player that allows you to view TV shows, movies, and listen to music without any trouble. Of course, it also holds up to its very decent music player. But you can’t download music, and that’s a big hassle for anyone. Boo on this.

Phone functionalities are not compromised. In fact, you can now synchronize your address books so you can have your own one large database. You can select voice mail messages the same way you do for e-mails. So skip those unwanted phone calls. You may also synchronize your e-mails so you can receive messages in real time.

AT&T, its exclusive network carrier, doesn’t have any sufficient support when it comes to data network as well as for the lack of IMs and office applications. Handsets can get too warm when used constantly and the iPhone is very prone to smudges, requiring you to wipe it frequently.

One of the biggest iPhone drawbacks is its price, which is quite expensive at $599. It should be more like $199. Perhaps in 6 month’s time? There’s one thing I wish was improved is the battery time.
Is the iPhone worth loving or hating? Your guess is as good as mine.