IPhone screen does not go off during a conversation or after receiving a notification what to do

In the talk mode, the iPhone screen should be off, use the device is otherwise very inconvenient.

A constantly on display will respond to face and ear contact, and also discharges the smartphone battery. In the material below we will tell about, what could be the reasons for such a failure.

IPhone screen does not go off when you call

B 99% breakage cases are connected with the so-called proximity sensor. During the conversation, we bring the smartphone to the ear, thereby closing the light sensor, which immediately gives the appropriate command to the operating system and extinguishes the screen. Otherwise, the following are the most likely causes of failure:

  1. Damage to the sensor or cable as a result of falling or contact with moisture – need to be replaced, which will cost 20-50 dollars depending on the model of iPhone.
  2. Poor build after display replacement. In this case, hardware repair is also required.
  3. Use of opaque accessories – films or covers, obstructing the normal operation of the proximity sensor.
  4. Software failure, which can be fixed by hard resetting the smartphone or reinstalling iOS.
  5. Another possible reason for the on screen during a call – active mode «speakerphone» (button «Speaker» in the call menu), what is provided by the basic settings of the operating system.

IPhone screen does not go off after displaying notifications

If in the first case a breakdown, Most likely, related to hardware features, this problem will almost certainly be solved by software.

First you need to make sure, That in the iOS settings, the device auto-lock time is set (Settings → Main → Auto block).

If the screen is still lit after receiving SMS or notifications, you should try to reboot or completely reinstall iOS through recovery. maybe, problems in the system are also associated with installed applications or jailbreak tweaks, In this case, you can try to remove the last plug-in downloaded on your smartphone.