IPhone is not charging – what to do?

The problem of the inability to charge the iPhone is facing every fifth user.

Often the breakdown catches up unexpectedly – once again after connecting the gadget to charge, it does not respond to the actions of its owner, or it charges incorrectly. There are several reasons for this failure, and in most cases you can fix it yourself, having executed some simple actions.

Why the iPhone is not charging: causes and methods of solving them

Despite the high quality «malic» products, accessories, which it is completed, do not differ in wear resistance and long service life. One of the key components – Lightning cable. This component is quite fragile, therefore often fails due to normal wear or misuse.

Also frequent situations, when the user as an alternative to original accessories Apple acquires cheaper analogues, which can literally be bought for a penny in Chinese and domestic online stores. In over 70% In case of such savings, the corresponding chip will be burned out, which requires professional intervention.

If you suspect, that the fault is a broken wire, Try charging your iPhone with a good original charger, eg, borrowing it from a friend or colleague. If with a third-party adapter charging is carried out in normal mode, replace the damaged charger cable with a new one.

Plugging the charger connector

If the iPhone has stopped charging, and the problem is not related to the worn cable, pay attention to the iPhone connector, possible foreign objects have penetrated it or dust has accumulated in it/mud. Due to the presence of dust particles, the contact between the plug and the charging slot is broken, mobile gadget cannot receive electrical power, therefore stops charging.

You can check the problem with the input for the charger in the home. To do this, use a toothpick or any other thin object. Carefully remove the accumulated clogs, and try to reconnect the smartphone to the power supply.

Important! Use a toothpick with the utmost care, not to damage the contacts.

Operating system problems

If you observe the operating system does not work correctly, possibly, the problem is in her. If iOs reboots, shows wrong charge level, figure dramatically varies from larger to smaller and vice versa, reset to factory default or update the system. You can perform the operation as yourself, so and enlisting the support of a specialist.

Negative Moisture

If the phone does not respond to the connection of the work adapter, no attempt to clean the connector, possibly, your machine has become a victim of the aggressive influence of moisture. Getting inside the device, the liquid instantly provokes a corrosive process and the oxidation of metal contacts. In this case, the malfunction elements cease to function normally, as a result – iPhone not getting power.

This is one of the problems, in which without the intervention of experts can not do. When moisture penetrates the connector, try as soon as possible to contact an authorized service center, specialists of which will clean the device from traces of fluid, perform a complete diagnosis and, if necessary, replace the components.

Disconnect loops

In some cases, the smartphone can not receive a charge as a result of physical pressure. Even if the unit fell and did not receive visible damage, This does not mean, that its stuffing remained untouched. Minor mechanical pressure is sufficient, to disconnect loops.

Some users to reduce the cost of repairs, independently disassemble the mobile device and try to restore its performance. but, such an intervention may later cost much more! Contact the workshop, where the wizard will restore the connector loops. Besides, this repair is simple and takes minimal time.

Motherboard breakdown

Sometimes serious damage to the motherboard can cause a lack of charge. Mechanical impact or moisture penetrated inside the phone casing disables the microcircuit, power gadget.

To restore the work of the gadget, contact a specialized workshop, where the iPhone will be diagnosed, the wizard will identify the causes of the problem and will eliminate them.

Damage to the U2 microchip

Smartphone implemented smart system, designed to control the charging process. Microchip U2 may fail due to inconsistency of the charger with the characteristics of the outlet, iphone connects. When receiving excess current, short circuit may occur, as a result, the phone can not be charged or the process is incorrect.

Battery life and software malfunction

IPhone has high quality batteries, able to provide a relatively long period of use of the gadget without the need to connect it to a power source. but, These items have a specific resource, which the, coming to an end, indicates that the battery needs to be replaced by excessive overheating of the case, incorrect display of information about the level of charge on the screen, bloating. Sometimes a battery failure has no symptoms, and the user learns about the need to replace it only when connected to the network, when the smartphone stops charging.

Battery Replacement Required, which can be done at home (with appropriate skills and appropriate tools), or contacting a service center.

General recommendations

We offer you to read the basic tips, in some cases, allowing to quickly restore the charging function:

  • if after connecting the power cable, the phone does not respond, remove it and try to reconnect – contacts wear out over time, therefore not always able to establish stable contact;
  • if the iPhone is completely discharged, connect it to the power source and wait 5-15 minutes. maybe, the battery takes some time to «overclocking»;
  • if the smartphone is not charging, carefully inspect the wire and adapter for damage, if any, Try to connect the gadget using another similar charger;
  • make sure, that the outlet is working properly, eg, connecting to her desk lamp or any other device;
  • if charge is slow, replace adapter more powerful (use original accessories);
  • check the cable and connector on the smartphone, connecting it to a computer or laptop port;
  • try to restart the gadget or update the software.

If none of the above recommendations helped to restore the functionality of the mobile device, Seek professional help from a service center!