iPhone (iPad) is disabled. Repeat through … or connect to iTunes: How to unlock?

Many users often face problems, associated with the password screen lock screen.

Message «iPhone is disabled» appears in case, if a, eg, the child repeatedly entered incorrectly or the user himself simply forgot the digital code after a long period of using another device — situations are different. But, There may be only a few solutions, consider the most relevant of them.

How to unlock your iPhone or iPad after repeatedly entering the lock screen password incorrectly

Naturally, lock screen passcode, like any other protective function, limits the number of attempts to access the device. Depending on the version of the iOS operating system, installed on iphone, iPad or iPod Touch, after a series of attempts to enter the wrong code, the inscription appears on the screen «iPhone is disabled. Repeat in one minute», «iPhone is disabled. Repeat after 60 minutes», «iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes» and t.P. so, conditionally divide the solution of the problem into two methods – password guessing and resetting.

How to unlock your iPhone or iPad via password lock screen

The main feature of this method is, that when using it, all information is saved on the device, which is especially useful in case of no backup device in iTunes or iCloud. There is a significant drawback – from time to time you will have to reset the number of attempts in iTunes, so that the system does not block the device.

Make it pretty simple, you need to connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer with iTunes installed (You can download on this page at the bottom). Zeroing, the time specified on the iOS device will occur automatically, but, it is important, so that this device has previously connected to this computer. Otherwise, iTunes will ask for permission to access the device.

When you press a button «Continue», the system will wait for a response from a smartphone or tablet, which you, for obvious reason, can not make.

In other words, you can reset the counter on the iPhone or iPad screen only on the computer, with which this iOS device was previously synchronized.

How to unlock your iPhone or iPad via iOS recovery (flashing)

If such a computer (described above) no or data, stored on the device are of no interest and the user is satisfied with the installation of the current current version of iOS, then you can restore the system, which will automatically reset the lock screen password.

Detailed instructions for restoring iOS (flashing) you will find in the article «How to flash iPhone…». In this case, only the recovery in «DFU mode».