iPhone in India

iPhone in India will take time to cover the market as India. India is still not a big market for Apple and most of the mobile users in India have low cost handsets.

iPhone in India have competitors like Nokia N-95, HTC’s touch diamonds and Nokia N-96.

Here are some details of iPhone plan for India, which can be changed with time. iPhone price in India for Airtel was Rs 32,000 for 16GB and Rs 39,000 for 32GB. iPhone price in India for Vodafone is Rs 30500 for 16GB and Rs 37000 for 32GB. iPhone price in India will be decreasing with time as the existing prices are higher for the Indian market.

iPhone plan for India have chosen Wipro Bangalore and HCL info systems based out in Noida for distribution of iPhone in India. 4GB memory and 8GB memory with a broad touch screen, video player and iPod, iPhone in India has arrived. There were too much of controversies before the launch of iPhone in India even figures for iPhone price was not accurate. Everyone was excited when they heard of the launch of Apple iPhone in India. But the prices of iPhone price in India were not accepted by Indian mobile users.

iPhone plan for India changed a lot many times because people were not ready for the prices and everyone waited for the prices to go down. iPhone plan for the Indians are still less functional as compared to other countries. Indian consumers are waiting for iPhone price in India to come down so that they can have iPhone plan in their budget. Price is the only factor that can attract large number of consumers in India.