iPhone Drawbacks

All the chitchat before its release has made the iPhone the center of the tech world’s attention.

From the intensified anticipation before its release to magnificent reviews as soon as it was out in the market, the iPhone has become a must-have to those who can afford it and an ambition to those who can’t. Although its reviews proclaim that all the attention towards is iPhone is well-deserved, it actually is still far from perfect.

One of the major complaints regarding the iPhone has to do with the life of its battery. It is said that because of the complicated technical features of this gadget, the battery is easily drained. Many say that the battery used is second-rate and has a long way to go with further development. Another major complaint is on the data network that it uses. The iPhone operates with AT&T’s Edge which is quite sluggish especially when compared with the present day’s highly developed networks. However, Apple claims that this should not prove to be a major drawback since the iPhone was designed to be notorious in receiving broadband connection through Wi-Fi hotspots. Furthermore, it is said that the iPhone is not open to third-party software developers.

More criticisms pile up as the iPhone’s absent features are scrutinized. With the increasing appreciation for 3G technology, it is truly surprising that the iPhone does not support it. MMS functions, even, are not provided. Even voice dialing or voice recording cannot be done with this handheld. In addition, when it comes to messaging, users would have to stick with traditional emails and SMS because it still does not have an instant messaging function.

Copy and paste functions are also absent. Going even further, it is difficult for its users to understand why such a multimedia device does not have a memory card slot. Although it is said that it should have sufficient built-in memory, users of other smart phones and mobiles of higher models believe in the convenience of external memory. Even its Bluetooth capabilities are limited as it does not support A2DP or even regular file transfers. Some minor complaints also include the lack of exclusive games and inability to set alert tones using MP3 files.

Although the iPhone may be one of, if not the best, handheld mobiles available in the market today, there is still a lot of space for improvement. However, this being the iPhone’s first model (excluding the Newton), we could only assume that the next one will be closer to perfect than we could ever imagine.