IPhone activation

After acquiring a new iPhone, I want to quickly download trendy programs, music and other «gadgets».

However, everything is not so cloudless, New gadget will have to activate first, and only then use it. Do not be afraid this procedure is quite simple, so you can deal with it very quickly. You need to perform a couple of simple steps and all the functionality of the smartphone will be available. After first turning on the gadget will not load the desktop at all, and the settings window. You need to be patient and go to the setting.

How to perform activation?

  1. Enable gadget.
  2. Specify country and language settings.
  3. Decide on geolocation parameters. You may not use these options immediately, after the activation process.
  4. Now you need to connect to Wi-Fi, to complete activation. If there is no connection, then you can use the SIM card and mobile Internet. Note! iPhone will not be activated, if you use wifi, distributed from the phone.
  5. Wait for activation to complete.
  6. Three possible options will appear, need to choose one of them.
    Option 1. Configure as a new iPhone. Everything is clear here, so no need to explain.
    Option 2. Recover from iCloud (if previously there was another iPhone, that is, the ability to use the settings from it).
    Option 3. Recover from iTunes (recover information from iTunes, need a computer).
  7. Now you need to enter data from Apple ID or register a new account. It’s best to have an account right away, as it will be needed.
  8. Next step – setting settings for iCloud, options «IPhone Search» and t.d. Here you need to set the parameters for sending statistical data. Easy to disable option, for this you need to press the button «Do not send».
  9. Complete the activation process.

After completing all the steps the gadget can be used. Now you can make changes to the settings and go to «to dessert» (loading favorite apps, software). In a word, there is nothing difficult to activate. Especially since this operation must be performed once. It is absolutely uncomplicated, therefore, no special skills are required.