iPad is not charging usb

The majority of iPad models that are produced by Apple company are gaining world-wide popularity. People are choosing them mainly because of their incredible build quality, they do not break very often, but still it may happen. Frequently users are coming to service center wondering why their iPad is not charging and what should be done about it? There are plenty of reasons, and now lets look through them and we will find the solution to this problem.

Every user of iPad should know that the device should not be used during charging, because it reduces the battery life. Also it will be better to discharge your iPad completely and then to charge it while the device is still off, it improves the battery work.

Low-power charger

Let’s regard the situation when your iPad is connected to computer or a charger, but at the same time there is a notification on your device that says that a charging is not happening. If the problem is with your computer, it means that you have outdated USB ports that simply can not charge a device because they do not have enough power. The problem can also be rooted in a low power of your charger. In these cases you basically can charge your iPad but it will take plenty of time.

You should follow these rules in order not to have such problems with your charger in future:

  1. Use only original USB adapter, which comes bundled with iPad. This way you will be able to charge your laptop completely just after couple of hours. In case your standard charger was broken you ought to buy a new one that was made also by Apple Company.
  2. If you want your iPad to be charged in no time, you will need a charger with capacity of at least 10 W. You should take that into account buying a new charger. If even after you have replaced the old charger your problem was not solved, you should go to a service center. They will diagnose your device and then they will find a reason of the problem. After that it will be possible for them to fix it.

Nowadays a great number of computers have outdated ports, that are not powerful enough to charge an iPad. Due to this there may be a notification that your iPad is not charging. In this case there are two possible solutions:

  • You can replace USB-ports on your computer by more powerful ones. Also if you turn on a sleep mode on your computer your devices will be charged quicker and easier.
  • If you install a special utility from Asus company, which gives more power to USB-port after detecting i-device, it allows your device to be charged in a decent way.