iOS 14.2 drains the battery

Recent reports of users having iOS 14.2. from Reddit and developer forums of Apple unearth that this operating system drains battery severely.

Not only the battery depletes swiftly (and swifter than it could have been expected) but also devices take charging longer than usual. According to existing data, some devices lose 50% of the charge in the first 30 minutes of use (immediately after been recharged) and also, there is about a 5% reduction in the level of charge in around just 1 or several minutes of use.

Most such reporting users see that this is not so much a battery problem as a software problem, as they see how the charge level is sticking to a very high mark for a prolonged time before it suddenly drops. Others see the charge level jumps up after they reboot their devices – without charging them during that time at all.iOS 14 causing battery life problems on your iPhone? You're not alone |

The line of devices having iOS 14.2 with troubles includes:

  • iPad OS 14.2 (2018 iPad Pro)
  • iPhone SE (1st)
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone XS.

It must be recalled that iOS 14.2 has appeared just 2 weeks after 14.1 and was presented as a major update for security, battery issues, and had some updates like emojis, intercom, new wallpapers, and better charging for Air Pods.

It is possible that Apple has already fixed these problems with the following update, iOS 14.3. Currently, there are no reports that would back or deny this statement. And if you haven’t updated your device to iOS 14.2 version yet, you might wanna postpone it until the problem is solved (with 14.3 or newer updates).