IOS 13 review: what’s new, description of functions, which devices are supported + video

iOS 13 is the next operating system for the iPhone, iPad and updated iPod touch.

June 3, 2019 at the presentation of WWDC, Apple demonstrated, among other things, features of the new iOS 13 operating system. The mobile platform finally got the long-awaited dark mode, gesturing keyboard, improved maps and t.d.


How to download and install iOS 13 on iPhone?

IOS 13 update available on iPhone under Settings → The main → Software Update. If the update is not available, then here are all possible reasons for solving. Besides, you can install iOS 13 via iTunes on your computer (instruction), previously downloading the IPSW firmware files on this page.

Which devices support iOS 13?

Contrary to forecasts, iOS 13 did not leave iPhone 6s owners, 6s Plus and iPhone SE, but users of tablets iPad got their own platform iPadOS and, respectively, lost iOS support, Full list of supported devices:

iOS 13:

  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus;
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus;
  • iPhone SE;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • 7th Gen iPod Touch.

iPadOS 13:

  • 11 inch iPad Pro;
  • 12,9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation);
  • 10,5-inch iPad Pro;
  • 12,9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation);
  • iPad 5 (2017);
  • iPad 6 (2018);
  • iPad 7 (2019);
  • iPad mini 5;
  • iPad Air 3;
  • iPad mini 4;
  • iPad Air 2;
  • 9,7 inch iPad Pro;
  • 12,9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation).

What’s New in iOS 13

Performance and memory

An authoritative expert at Bloomberg, Mark Gourmet, back in May 2019, announced the focus of iOS 13 developers not only on new features. This operating system should significantly accelerate devices relative to its previous version. Foodie thinks, that productivity growth will be comparable to, what happened when switching from iOS 11 to iOS 12.

So, According to Apple Vice President Craig Federigi, iOS 13 on 30% Unlocks device faster with Face ID technology, and also launches applications twice as fast. By the way, games and programs on the app store somehow «lose weight» and will occupy an average of 50% (and updates for them — at 60%) less device space.

In practice, Apple really noticeably accelerated the launch of applications and animations, as well as the work of Touch ID and Face ID.

Dark theme in iOS 13

The appearance of the dark mode in iOS was predicted in the past and even the year before last, however, the much-desired theme of designing the system interface and a number of regular applications (Photo, Cards, News and t.d.) implemented only by 2019 (in detail).

However, the result of the work of the developers looks quite decent and will surely appeal to many users. There are three ways to activate dark mode: directly through «Command centre» by pressing and holding your finger on the screen brightness level indicator, in the application «Settings» in section «Screen and brightness» and at the initial setup stage of the new iOS device. You can also configure as, to turn on the dark mode according to the automatic schedule.


Tab «Photo»

Established photo library noticeably updated, new tab appeared «Photo», on which there are several buttons: «All photos», «Days», «Months» and «Years» (in detail).

When the user switches to the masonry «Days», self-learning neural network will drop unsuccessful snapshots, screenshots and other graphic garbage, and will present the best images in a digestible form in large sizes. The photo library can also be divided into months and years, videos and Live Photos start automatically when focusing, and screencasts are saved in a separate album.

Photo and Video Editor

Separately worth mentioning, that iOS 13 has a full-fledged graphical editor, in which there are many tools for processing photos. Thanks to this, you can adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast and much more without ever leaving the application «Photo».

In addition to photos, in the standard application for viewing media files, you can also edit and video. Now you can expand the videos, shot in vertical orientation, change white balance, adjust contrast and t.d. The principle of video processing is the same as the photo: you can just apply the filter you like, and you can independently configure each parameter.

Portrait Lighting Control

Added some simple portrait editing features, thanks to which you can achieve even closer to studio quality. It is possible to change the light intensity in the picture, thus getting great results.


Mimoji (Memoji) can now be used on smartphones with an Apple A9 processor (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE), and especially zealous animation lovers will appreciate the possibilities of customizing created virtual characters through makeup, piercings, points, hairstyles and t.d (in detail).

Besides, of the resulting characters, you can make stickers for communication in iMessage, and also use them as a subscriber avatar in the Contacts application.

The popularity of Mimoji, apparently, pretty high, because to add them even provided a special button on the virtual keyboard.

post office

application «post office» In the new version of the operating system, Apple acquired some small, but very necessary innovations (in detail). for instance, there was a panel with tools for adding scanned documents and photos, as well as a full text editor, in which you can even choose a font. Strongly expanded response menu, additional items appeared in it.

Ability to disable notifications for the email thread

Sometimes it’s very tiring to get constantly updates in the message thread «Mail». IOS 13 has the ability to disable these notifications. You can read an important message and forget about the rest. Extra notifications will not let you get confused in long chains of emails.

Create a blacklist in «Mail»

This feature will make it even easier to get rid of annoying spammers or unwanted interlocutors. IN «Settings» need to open a section «post office». There in the list of blocked users you can see those senders, whose email was previously blocked with the phone number in «Contacts».


The Safari app in iOS 13 also received a major update and gained a lot of useful «chips» (in detail).

Automatically close tabs in Safari

For many users, the Safari browser eventually turns into a real trash. A bunch of tabs open, which seems to be needed, but why exactly – don’t remember anymore. And there are more and more of them every day. But the iPhone was able to automatically clear the browser from old tabs. In the settings you can select the frequency of removal of these unused items, which allows you to clean up Safari for a certain period.

Save a whole page screenshot in Safari to PDF

Now, to save the desired article, you do not have to take a few screenshots of it. When creating a screenshot, the user will be prompted to save a PDF version of the entire open page. At the same time, the user has the ability to not only immediately edit the screenshot, but also share it with friends.

Download manager

One of the most anticipated features of the standard browser of iOS devices. Now you can just upload the video to Safari and watch it right there. The most useful function allows you to download files from the Internet without restrictions on their size.

New volume slider and silent mode enable window

The volume control bar now appears off-center, and left (in vertical orientation) or top (in horizontal orientation) and does not close the content displayed on the screen.

Apple’s new operating system has a new window for turning on silent mode using the iPhone side lever. You can already forget about the huge crossed bell, appearing in the middle of the screen when silent mode is activated. The new window got a sleek design, up-to-date.

Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch

In iOS 13, the 3D Touch function disappeared from all iPhones and was replaced by the similar Haptic Touch technology, which was originally only on the iPhone XR (in detail).

Haptic Touch works on all devices running iOS 13 and iPadOS. Yes, even iPhone SE, who previously had no 3D Touch, now with the new version of the operating system has received many useful features.

Latitude app

Functions Find iPhone and Find Friends in iOS 13 are combined into one solution called Latitude (in detail). The program can not only find a lost iPhone, iPad or MacBook, but also helps to discover your family members.

One of the main features of the new application is, that it allows you to search for devices, on which there is currently no internet connection. This is possible due to a special system, which using Bluetooth allows the device to send an encrypted signal about its location.

App Store

Move app updates to the Apple ID profile page on the App Store

Now, when you open the App Store, a separate tab with the latest application updates will no longer be displayed. You can verify them on your Apple ID profile page in the upper right of the screen,  in section «Available Updates».

Removed restriction on downloading programs more, than 200 mb

In the era of the widespread use of high-speed 4G/LTE networks and next generation 5G expectations Apple has abandoned the limit on the number of applications downloaded over the cellular network. I.e, if earlier content «weight» more than 200 MB could be downloaded only with Wi-Fi connection, then in iOS 13 there are no such restrictions. For this in the application «Settings», select iTunes Store and App Store, and then in the section «Cell data» select «Applications» and indicate «Always allow».

Also in the application there is support for the new game service Apple Arcade.

Ability to save mobile internet traffic

Now right in «Settings» You can set options for the consumption of mobile Internet traffic. Walk the path: Settings → Cell data → Data parameters and activate the function there «Data saving».

Economy mode will reduce the amount of information transmitted via cellular.

Ban incoming from absent in «Contacts» subscribers

This option, undoubtedly, people will like it, avoiding excessive communication. Now the operating system allows you to ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers, not in the contact list. You can not be afraid of incomprehensible calls and related troubles. To activate the option, go to Settings, Phone section, and activate the switch opposite the item «Mute unknown callers».

After that person, who will call you from an unknown number, hear the corresponding beeps in the handset «Busy».  After a muted call on the iPhone, a notification will appear in the form of a missed call, and if necessary, You can always call this number back.

New iPhone Charging Features (Optimized Battery Charging)

IOS 13 introduces battery optimization (in detail). The new version of the operating system uses a special algorithm, thanks to which the iPhone will charge up to 80% at normal speed, and then — a bit slower, which is much safer for the battery. Especially relevant for those, who puts charge your iPhone all night. You can activate the option along the way: Settings → Battery → Battery status and by changing the Optimized battery charging switch to On.

Messages and iMessage app

Improved iMessage Search

Finding data in iMessage is now even easier. You need to open the search menu and there not only find messages by keywords, but also discover the latest sent links and contacts, recently interacted with.

Setting name and avatar

iMessage got the opportunity to set the profile picture and name, regardless of the contact card (in detail). for instance, you can see the name and profile photo from the new number even if it is not in the contact list. It is worth noting, that as an avatar you can create and use mimoji or animoji.

application «Reminders»

Native application «Reminders» substantially rethought in iOS 13 (in detail). 4 categories of reminders appeared in it: Today, Scheduled, All and My Lists.

New feature «Notifications today»

This option forms a small daily list (time can be customized)  with a list of tasks relevant for the current day, which turns a standard application into a powerful organizer in its capabilities.

Ask Siri

With this feature of the updated application «Reminders» Ask Siri appears in the Spotlight search bar. Touch her (or use the arrow keys and the key «Enter» to choose) and Siri will send the request immediately in the application along with the necessary notification time.

Also there was a useful feature to add attachments to reminders.

Innovations when working with text

Typing with swipe

Third-party developers have been offering virtual keyboards to users for many years, allowing to type text, without lifting your finger from the screen. The program almost accurately determines, which word the user wanted to enter, at the same time, swipes can significantly increase the speed of dialing. From now on, such functionality is supported by the native iOS 13 keyboard. Unfortunately, Russian language support, at the moment, planned only in the future.

New control gestures

To select text, no longer need to tap twice on the screen and use a magnifying glass to more accurately position the cursor, for this operation, just click on one word and swipe the screen to select all text, and you can cancel entering the last fragment of text with a swipe with three fingers to the left, at the same time, swipe with three fingers to the right — repeats the previous action. Copying and pasting takes place by pulling/stretching three fingers (as if a pinch).

Third-Party Font Support

From now on, Apple has provided all users with the download of their favorite fonts for greater personalization of the operating system.

New menu for editing snapshots and screenshots

In iOS 13, the stationery icons look much more natural when editing screenshots. Little thing, but it looks beautiful.

application «Notes»

In the new version of the Apple operating system in the application «Notes» significantly improved search: now you can search by notes with lists, investments, as well as locked files. A new type of display in the format of small cards has appeared, when notes are visible in thumbnail. You can also finally create folders to better organize your files, to all this, folders have become shared, that is, they can be easily shared with a friend for common interaction.

New features in «Control room»

Ability to choose a Wi-Fi network in «Control room»

In the new operating system, it became possible to choose a Wi-Fi network directly from «Control room». You just need to hold your finger on the Wi-Fi icon, leading to a list of available networks.

Ability to connect to Bluetooth devices from «Control room»

Activation of this option is carried out according to the same principle, as with Wi-Fi. Open «Command centre», hold the bluetooth icon, and then in the list of devices that appears, select the desired.

application «Health»

IOS 13 app «Health» decently for the better refreshed its interface, the main change is a large window with a detailed analysis of all your activity. Also «Health» Now allows you to predict and track menstrual cycles in women. Another application «Health» now monitors the change in sound volume when using the Music application — if over time the music lover has a tendency to increase volume, this may indicate hearing impairment.

application «Files»

External media support

Starting with iOS 13 in the app «Files» can work with external media: memory cards, USB sticks and more. You can easily connect even a camera and copy the necessary photos directly to a specific application.


Now for working with archives you don’t have to look for third-party applications and learn how to use them. An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 can archive or unzip ZIP-format archives without third-party solutions.

Download manager

Since Safari has its own download manager, then it became possible to upload files from the network to a special Downloads folder.

You can also create folders yourself and view file information.

Document scanner, very handy Notes application tool, now integrated in Files.

application «House»

application «House» and the whole platform «smart» HomeKit Homes Now Support Modern AirPlay 2 Routers and Speakers. Also in iOS 13, HomeKit-enabled surveillance cameras can detect any movement within their field of view. By the way, you can configure video transfer from them in iCloud storage. Users will be able to store records from cameras on company servers in encrypted form for up to 10 days (even Apple employees will not be able to view them), and devices, integrated via HomeKit, can be protected with a special firewall. You can watch these saved videos directly in the application «House» on your device.

To all this, users of smart home systems in iOS 13 can create their own home control scenarios and set them using the function «Teams», eg, turn on the light in the bedroom or turn on the kettle directly from the gadget.

application «Books»

application «Books» noticeably transformed. Appearance has become more concise and understandable to the user. New fonts and a section with a list of books called «Read now» on the home screen. A useful option has appeared, which is useful to everyone, who wants to read more. This is a special timer «Reading goals», which counts how much time you read today, the minute limit can be set independently based on your reading opportunities and motivation.

application «Music»

If you have AirPods, now you can share music with a friend, just putting smartphones nearby — after automatically connecting devices, just select the desired track and confirm playback in other AirPods (in detail). Also, the Apple Music app has the ability to read lyrics during playback (works similar to karaoke).

If you move between the lines of a song, You will also scroll through the entire song.

Very useful for those, who studies foreign languages ​​or wants to sing along with them.


In iOS 13, developers paid much attention to the issue of security and privacy of user data. for instance, Now it will be possible to log in to applications, sites and services using Apple ID data similar to authorization through social networks, and as a contact email address you can choose random E-Mail, which will automatically register on Apple servers.

Another useful innovation concerns those, who’s worried about the device tracking its location. Previously, the user could allow or deny the application the use of geolocation data (usually choose, in which data becomes available to the game or program only at that time, when she is active). Now there is another alternative — one-time admission, which will prevent the application from using geolocation, as soon as the user closes it.

Many apps in iOS 13 also request access to Bluetooth, which was not seen with previous versions of the Apple mobile OS.

Updated CarPlay

Updated CarPlay interface: it has become more user friendly, Siri no longer climbs to full screen, new applications appeared «Settings» and «The calendar».

Menu «Share this»

The sharing menu is visually and functionally changed in almost all regular applications.

application «Teams»

It should be said right away, Appendix «Teams» became standard and by default is present on the device. The number of proposed teams has increased, settings options have expanded and a section has appeared «Automation», thanks to which you can program certain actions, which will perform the smartphone in the situations you need. for instance, you can select the necessary places on the map using geolocation (at the entrance to work or study), where Airplane mode will automatically turn on.

application «The calendar»

You can add attachments to calendar events in iOS 13. Small, but useful for many update.


Apple Continues Attempts To Impose Google On Map Services. Main feature of the updated Maps application — improved three-dimensional HD panoramas with smooth movement along the city streets with the ability to receive information about surrounding stores, institutions, institutions and t.d. Of course, such luxury will be relevant only for residents of the United States and only at the end of 2019.

Gamepad Support

In anticipation of the release of the game service Apple Arcade implemented full support for game controllers (from xbox, Playstation and t.d.). Gamepads can be connected to iPhone via Bluetooth.


Apple Voice Assistant now speaks more naturally, what will be achieved through «rendering» necessary phrases in real time, rather than playing excerpts (however, traditionally not for the Russian language).

Siri taught to read incoming messages directly into the user’s ear through AirPods headphones, and then decrypt the voice response and send its text version to the desired subscriber.

Another refinement — creation of quick teams based on ready-made templates. Previously, the user had to design shortcuts on his own, which turned out to be an impossible task even for experienced users.

iPad will be the second display for Mac

IPadOS 13 significantly improves the interaction of Apple tablets with Mac computers. In particular, mobile devices will be able to act as a full-fledged additional monitor. A detailed review of the iPadOS and all its functions can be found here.