iOS 13: How to select and delete messages in iMessage using a gesture

At first glance, deleting conversations in «Posts» iOS 13 seems harder. After all, Apple removed the button «Edit» on the home page. Luckily, a new gesture has been added, which makes it easy to delete entire topics and individual posts.

Previously, to delete chats, you had to first press the menu button of three points in the upper right corner of the main page «Posts», and then click on «Select Messages» in the menu that appears. But now you can completely skip these steps, just by two fingers touching any message on the page. You will immediately go into edit mode, where you can start deleting messages in the usual mode.

If you hold two fingers on the messages, they will immediately be highlighted.

You can also use the same two-finger tap on the chat page, to select and delete individual correspondence without the need to use additional actions.

It is also worth noting, that placing your fingers on two separate texts or topics will automatically mark them for deletion, but acting in this way is not necessary at all.