Instructions: how to find the iPhone if it was stolen

IPhone theft – real tragedy for any owner. But you should not despair! Apple took care of its customers and built into their devices a very useful feature called «Find iPhone».

It is about her that you will learn in the course of studying the information below.

How to use the function «Find iPhone»?

You need to complete a few points, which are listed below, namely:

  • enable the pre-installed Find iPhone application on any third-party Apple gadget or go to and log in to the system;
  • start the device search function. In the specified application / at the address you can see the list of devices, tied to your Apple ID;
  • view the location of the iPhone on the map. If you lost your smartphone at home, can send a beep to it for quick searching. If the phone is stolen, start the missing mode. This feature allows you to remotely enable gadget lock, display on its display a message with the desired information and track the location of the device.

Contact your local police station for information, taking with you a passport and documents/box of your iphone. If you wish, you can clear a stolen smartphone from your personal data from a distance.

Important! After clearing the information, phone search through «Find iPhone» will not work! You can’t track a stolen gadget.

If the attacker turned off your iPhone, You can also activate the loss mode, start a lock or delete information, stored in device memory – Changes will become active when the smartphone is first connected to the Internet.

What to do, if the program «Find iPhone» off?

In this case, the search device can be significantly delayed. There are no other tools for finding a smartphone, unless you have previously installed software with the appropriate functions – in such a situation, it remains to follow the recommendations of the developer.

Under other circumstances, all, what can you do, listed below:

  • set a new password for your Apple account – so you will not allow attackers to access your personal data. Changes are made on the website;
  • go to the police with a statement of theft;
  • visit the operator’s office and apply for a SIM card disconnection, so that the thief could not use your number.