If you forgot your password on the iPhone

Worry about your data security, Apple gadget owners very often set a password that is too complicated and after a while they forget it safely.

This can happen to everyone, so do not immediately panic. There are several basic ways, that will allow you to quickly access the iPhone, even if the newly installed combination was lost.

Unlock with iTunes

Method with saving data

If the smartphone has important data, and they should not be lost, the chance to unlock the device is still there. It is possible in that case, if the smartphone was previously connected to iTunes. You need to try to connect it to the computer and, if device detection appears, click on the button «restore» and all the necessary information will remain in place. The password will no longer appear.

Method without saving data

If the phone did not have too important information, then you need to go a little different way.

  1. Connect the gadget to the PC using a USB cable and activate the DFU mode (To activate the above mode, you need to hold the home button and the power button simultaneously for about 10 seconds). After that, the smartphone will automatically restart.
  2. Open on iTunes PC, go to tab «Devices».
  3. From the list, select the gadget and clicks on the button «restore».
  4. All data will be deleted, and after a while they will be able to use it.

Note! Sometimes you will see a message about the need «software availability checks», two options will also be offered: «check», to cancel». Click on the button «check». After the update check is finished, you need to confirm the return to the initial settings. If you get an error while downloading iTunes, you can try to make IE the default browser.

Unlock with option «find iphone»

If this function has been activated on the gadget, then remove the information is not difficult.

  1. Open the page «icloud.com/#find».
  2. Choose your smartphone.
  3. Click the button «wipe off».

Note! After this procedure, the password and all information will be deleted. You can restore information through the setup assistant.

so, Several ways to unlock were considered. Now you know, that unlocking it is completely realistic, need only spend a little time.