How to work comfortably with a standard Windows keyboard on Mac OS X

This article will focus on third-party keyboards, and to be more precise — Windows analogues, paired with a mac, About, what are the inconveniences of everyday use and how to fix them.

Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and even your own MacBook keyboards are far from perfect. Everything depends on the tasks performed. Magic Mouse 2 is not very convenient when used in games and does not have additional programmable keys, Magic Trackpad 2 is generally designed for creative personalities, And the keyboard also can not boast of additional features, possessed by gaming tools from renowned peripheral manufacturers.

here you go, you have become or want to become the happy owner of some gaming, just a programmable keyboard, Well, or you have lost the external USB-keyboard with a digital unit, you want to connect to your macbook. Or maybe you do hakintosh? In fact, all keys are identical — Ctrl — Control (⌃), Windows — Command (⌘), Alt — Option (⌥), but here’s the only problem is, that the pens remember, what’s on a mac sequence left to right next ⌃ | ⌥ | ⌘, and on Windows ⌃ | ⌘ | ⌥. And it is precisely the castling of the Option and Command keys that will often lead to misses and wrong actions, who wants to execute the brain.

In order not to resort to third-party utilities, like Ukelele, You can get rid of the standard settings of OS X and change the key layout to your taste:

1. Go to the menu → System settings → Keyboard.

2. In the tab «Keyboard» in the lower right corner click the button with a strange translation «Modification keys…».

3. Select a connected external keyboard (USB Keyboard) and assign the following actions to the keys:

  • for the Option key (⌥) → Command (⌘);
  • for the Command key (⌘) → Option (⌥).

4. Save your changes by pressing OK and enjoy.