How to view all saved passwords from Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad using tweak WiFi Passwords List

Each user, using Internet access on your smartphone or tablet, daily – houses, at work, in shops and cafes – faced with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Some of them are open, the other requires a password.

In the latter case, if the code is known, it is entered when you first connect to the network and is stored in the memory of the gadget. but, when you reconnect to a closed network, the password is displayed on the device in encrypted form.

You can avoid this using various jailbreak solutions, the most optimal of which is the WiFi Passwords List. This utility will not only save the keys to access the iPhone «password protected» Wi-Fi, but if necessary, provide them to the user.

How it works. After that, how the user downloads and installs a jailbreak tweak, the corresponding icon will appear on the iPhone home screen. Click on it, application starts, and the simplest interface opens, displaying all wireless networks, to which user has ever connected. If you select one of them, the required password is displayed on the screen.

In addition, the utility functionality is enhanced by the ability to view information on various technical aspects of the connection (encryption type, signal quality and t.P.), and also allows you to copy information to the clipboard or send via E-mail.

The only drawback is the lack of protection of all data stored in the memory utility with a password.

Tweak WiFi Passwords List is available to work on the past jailbreaking iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded free of charge in the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store.