How to use Magnifier in View on Mac (macOS)

Every Apple Computer Comes with a Preinstalled Viewer – multifunctional file viewer. It is in it that, by default, photos and PDF files open, this is where you can edit the image without special programs.

Most often, Mac users use arrows, the lines, ovals, rectangles and text labels. But today it’s not about them, but about one of the little-known and underestimated features of the View – magnifying glass (or just a magnifier).

Magnifier is applied then, when you need to coarsely highlight one of the details in the image or on the document – eg, to attract attention, or just for artistic purposes.

How to use Magnifier in Preview on Mac

  1. In order to add a magnifying glass to the image, click on the Layout button on the toolbar.
  2. Choose a magnifier among geometric shapes (lower right).
  3. After, how a magnifier was added to the image, you can easily increase or decrease the zoom level. To do this, just move the green circle on the magnifier itself. The blue circle is responsible for the size of the magnifying glass – it can also be done as more, and less.
  4. If you wish, you can add several loops to the image at once. Moreover – they may intersect, t.e. enlarge the same place.
  5. Besides, if two loops are set like this, that one is on the other or behind it – right click or click + Ctrl allows you to change their order. To do this, use the context menu options (right mouse click) – Forward, bring to Front, Back, To the background.
  6. Removing a magnifier from a picture is also very easy – just click on it with the mouse and press the Delete key.

P.S. Don’t forget about, what’s the magnifier in view – this is an annotation tool, not ordinary «magnifier». If you save or export a document with a magnifier placed on it, she will become its integral part, and remove it from there will fail.