How to use Apple Watch to monitor sleep quality

Sleep – integral part of human life, and in order to maintain strength and performance, need a good sleep. Unfortunately, in today’s world, not everyone can afford this luxury, and chronic lack of sleep has become a widespread problem. Even if you go to bed on time, you can’t always fall asleep right away, sleep itself may be restless and intermittent.

A variety of trackers and smart watches allow to monitor the quality of night rest, including Apple Watch. Despite, that Cupertino has not yet implemented a similar opportunity in their gadget, for this there are third-party applications. Apple Watch Owners, carefully monitoring the health and quality of life, worth paying attention to the Sleep application++ from cross forward consulting.

Apple Watch

The program records the activity of the body during sleep and the next morning provides a detailed report. Simply open the application and press the start button before going to bed and after waking up. Run Sleep++ and you can track the indicators directly on the Apple Watch dial.

The application allows you to share received using Sleep++ data with native program «Health».

The application will provide information about the duration of sleep, and determine which part of it turned out to be restless (Restless setting).

Apple Watch

The downside of the app is the need to sleep with Apple Watch on hand, which means, the clock can not be put on charge at night. but, the user will be able to charge the device in the morning, while taking a shower, dress and breakfast.