How to upgrade your iPhone

Apple regularly presents new versions of its own mobile operating system.

Usually the gadget itself notifies its owner about the release of updates. If such notifications are for some reason absent, you can update the iPhone forcibly. There is nothing complicated in the procedure for updating the iPhone. In general, users have 2 options for solving this problem. iPhone can be updated «by air» and using iTunes.

Step-by-step instructions for updating the iPhone «by air»

This method requires an internet connection via Wi-Fi. The update itself is performed in the following order. You open your iPhone Settings, go to the Main tab and select Software Update.

The device will automatically contact the company’s servers and provide you with information about the latest version of iOS, available at the moment. You just have to click on «Refresh», carefully study the terms of the agreement and confirm your intentions by clicking «To accept». The new version of the operating system will be loaded into the memory of your iPhone.

After the download is complete, the device will request a reboot, after which the update installation process will begin. Do not forget to pre-release 3-5 GB of free space for new iOS files.

After the system is fully installed, smartphone will turn on, and you will need to connect your iCloud account, activate or deactivate various functions, examine information about changes in the current update and t.d.

IPhone update order through iTunes

In the absence of connectivity to Wi-Fi, iPhone can be updated using a computer and iTunes.

To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to a computer or laptop and run the above program. If iTunes does not give information about the possibility of upgrading to a new version of the operating system, you will need to independently open the page of your device and click on the button called «Software Update».

The program will download the necessary updates and install them on your smartphone yourself. This method is even more convenient in some moments, do not have to download the operating system files in the iPhone, t.e. there is no need to make room specifically for them.

Make sure you back up your iPhone before installing any updates. This feature is available in the same iTunes. If in the process of installing updates have any problems, A backup will allow you to restore the data and start the update process again.