How to unlock iPhone

IPhone smartphone user, in order to avoid various kinds of trouble, eg, such as theft or loss of a phone, prefer to set a password on the gadget, which increases the security of the mobile device.

In that case, if the password is forgotten for unknown reasons, then it becomes an actual new character problem, how to unlock the iPhone. I intend to tell you about, how to unlock the iPhone in that case, if for good reason you cannot enter the password from the smartphone.

Recover Access with iTunes

To regain access and control over the iPhone, we need PC and iTunes. First you need to connect your iPhone to your PC in the update mode and reinstall the firmware (DFU).

For, to run in DFU mode, it takes for ten seconds to simultaneously hold the power button on your smartphone, and button «Home». In that case, if you did everything right, your smartphone will reboot, and start already in a special mode, what will the company logo say, appeared on the screen.

The next step is to restore the iPhone, after that, how did you forget the password lock, will launch iTunes. Going into the program, we have to choose a tab with devices, where from the list menu that appears, you need to select our iPhone, and then in the right corner you will need to click, indicative of the restoration of the smartphone.

Some time later, all data on your mobile device will be deleted, and mobile device availability will be restored.

note, that the process of unlocking the iPhone is also possible with saving data. For, to unlock iPhone, you can use the same iTunes program, however, connect normally. After that, how the switching of the mobile device with your PC will be made, a dialog box will appear, in which you will need to click on the item «Restore», causing the mobile device lock to disappear, and all data on the smartphone will be saved.

Password recovery with «Find iPhone»

There is also a slightly different variation of, how to unlock iphone, in case of loss of the password. In a similar situation, it is necessary that the option be connected in advance on your mobile device «Find iPhone», otherwise, iPhone can only be unlocked using iTunes.

In that case, if option «Find iPhone» you have been involved, then you will need to go to the iCoud page using an Internet browser, where it will be necessary to authenticate the system, and after that, how do you log in, You will need to use the search option of your mobile device. As soon as the smartphone is found, need to click on item «Erase iphone», in view of which all information from your iPhone will be erased, and the system will unlock.

In this way, You can unlock your iPhone if you lose your password either by using iTunes, or using the popular iCloud service, what, as you could easily see for yourself in each of the detailed cases.