How to turn on the flash when you call on the iPhone

Smart gadgets are becoming more common by the day and slowly getting to even the most technologically underdeveloped corners of the Earth.

Today we offer you to talk about one interesting feature, which was introduced by Apple in the firmware of its own smartphones. You must have noticed, that some owners of the iPhone when the incoming call starts flashing flash. So here, it turns out, To implement this feature, a third-party application is used, downloaded from the App Store, and the built-in auxiliary add-in.

Why auxiliary? The fact, that the flash ripple was originally designed as a chip to help people with disabilities. Apple has never forgotten about people with disabilities and about, that they are actively using apple gadgets.


Default, all incoming calls on apple devices are accompanied by a melody (you can assign it yourself) and vibration. The latter can be set individually for different contacts, which also makes it easier for people with disabilities to use Apple gadgets. but, the chips don’t end there – There is also a visual notification of an incoming call: flashing main camera flash. Let’s get right down to business and set it up:

  1. Of course, You must first enter the menu «Settings». You can get here from the main screen, clicking once on the icon with the accompanying signature.
  2. Next, go to the main settings of the gadget – use item for this «Main».
  3. Then in the new window, select the sub-item «Universal access», to go to the next submenu.
  4. Move the slider, opposite the signed item «LED flash for alerts».
  5. Is done! Now when an incoming call, the flash will flash!

As you see, Apple has even simplified such a process.

By the way, Recently, the flash in time for the call has become fashionable. Therefore, literally everyone uses it, not just people with disabilities, as conceived by the apple company.

Finally I would like to say, that it is activated only when the device screen is locked. I.e, if the display is on – it won’t work. Yes, it is not necessary, because if the display is on, means, You use the gadget and look at the screen. Consequently, surely don’t miss the incoming call.