How to turn on Karaoke mode in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad (lyrics move to music)

The new iOS 13 turned out to be rich in notable innovations, so small, but useful «chips». Often they go unnoticed by most users.

About one new feature, introduced in iOS 13, we will tell below.

Now a regular music player can turn into a convenient karaoke center. There is no need to use complex equipment or go to a karaoke bar. Apple Music song scrolling used in the player successfully expands the functionality of the standard application. Someone likes to sing into a microphone and receive points inexplicably for their performance – iPhone, of course, will not give such an opportunity. But with a smartphone you can easily sing along to your favorite artist, and just learn the words of the song you like.

How to enable karaoke in iOS 13

  1. Launch Apple Music and start playing any track.
  2. Click on the mini player at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the button with the image «text cloud».

Text will not just be displayed during text playback, and also dynamically scroll according to the timeline. This will make it possible to use the player as karaoke.

And that’s not all! Here, in the karaoke window, you can select a line from a song and the player will start playing from that moment.

note, that the text is not available for all compositions.

Besides, It is possible to open the lyrics without dynamic scrolling. To do this, when playing a track in an open player, click on «three dots» and in the window that appears, select «Open full song».