How to turn off the voice of Siri and make her write only text answers

If you are an active Siri user, they must have been in such an uncomfortable situation, when, holding the button «Home» in a crowded room quietly give some command, and she will answer you loudly at the top of her voice «Good, the countdown has gone!» or something like that.

So that you do not have to blush and did not look at you in bewilderment, it’s time to make some simple settings, which we describe in this material.

For, to start manipulating the voice assistant, enough on the iPhone or iPad to go to Settings → Main → Siri.

Besides, what can be included here/disable assistant, function «Hello, Siri», set up a language and enter your data, there is an item «Audio recall». In this section, we will be able to customize the response of Siri.

«Is always, on.» — no matter, whether silent mode is on or iPhone is connected to the car, Siri will always answer your requests loudly and clearly.

«Manage the call switch» — wonders of a clumsy Russian translation. Switching the iOS device switch to silent mode will shut Siri, which is very convenient.

«Only «Without removing the tube»» — another localization victim. Siri recall will occur only then, when headphones are connected to the iPhone, Bluetooth – the headset or the smartphone itself is interfaced with the CarPlay car system.

Now you know how to fully tame the talkative Siri.