How to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work

Electronics from Apple is deservedly considered one of the most functional, productive and stable.

However any, even the most trouble-free technology periodically fails, and the iPhone are no exception. Situation, when the sensor stops responding to user commands, able to plunge the unprepared owner into a stupor. But there is a way out of such an unpleasant coincidence. Which one – will find out, read the information below.

Turn off (reboot) iPhone

To return the gadget «to life», reboot required. If, while the sensor is running, it is enough to hold the shutdown button for a few seconds and stretch the slider across the display, When the sensor is not working, the order of actions will be slightly different.

You do the following:

  • press the key simultaneously «Home» (Home) and display lock button;
  • keep the specified keys pressed for a few seconds, until the device reboots.

In this case, it is important to choose the correct duration of the stay of the mentioned buttons in the pressed state. Holding them for 3-4 seconds you just turn off the iPhone, a 5-7 second shutter speed will result in a full reboot, which is more convenient.

In some cases, the problem may be aggravated by the lack of reaction to pressing by the hardware buttons. Due to the fact that the iPhone does not have a removable battery, will have to wait, while the gadget is completely discharged and turned off, after which it remains to connect the charger to the smartphone and try to turn it on. If the sensor still does not work, problem with a high degree of probability at the physical level – will have to contact the service center.