How to turn off or restart the iPhone if the power button does not work

This problem is well known to many users.

iPhone or iPad with a non-working power button is quite suitable for use and often the owners of the damaged device do not rush to expensive repairs, but it was possible to turn off the gadget without this control previously only through jailbreak tweaks.

Starting with iOS 11, you can disable the device using standard methods, for this, the developers have provided the appropriate function. The company took care of owners of defective iPhones and placed a button to turn off in the system menu.

How to turn off (and turn on) iPhone or iPad, if the power button does not work

  1. Go to Settings → Main/
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click «Turn off».
  3. Swipe right on the slider «Turn off».

Naturally, a completely natural question arises:

How to turn on the iPhone, if the power button is broken?

To do this, connect the device to a power source (to charge) and launch will occur automatically.

How to restart your iPhone or iPad, if the power button does not work

However, if you just need to restart your iPhone or iPad, then you don’t have to look for a socket and Lighting cable, starting from iOS 11 this feature is also provided. It was optionally added to the set of auxiliary functions «AssistiveTouch», in order to use it you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings → Main → Universal access → AssistiveTouch.
  2. Open section «Top level menu», click on «+», and then on the appeared square with the sign «+» inside.
  3. Check the box «Reload» (starting with iOS 12 «Restart») and click Finish. The command appears in the AssistiveTouch menu «Reload» (starting with iOS 12 «Restart»).
  4. If necessary, activate AssistiveTouch and use the new option.