How to trick the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone using simple plasticine

Considered to be, that fingerprint identification is significantly safer than a password, however it turned out, that the Touch ID sensor is pretty easy to get around.

At the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Vkansee company experts demonstrated, how with the help of special impression material and plasticine you can fool the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

Step 1

Creating a fingerprint using impression material. To do this, you will need to put your finger on the impression mass and hold for five minutes. Then gently remove your finger and allow the form to dry. The process is illustrated below.

Step 2

In order to get a fingerprint, in the form you need to immerse a small piece of clay (as shown in the image below). In a few minutes the print will be ready. According to the testimony of James Cook, a journalist for Business Insider, With this method, he really managed to fool the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone.

This is how Cook’s fingerprint looks like on a computer.

Here is the print version, made with plasticine. It was with this fingerprint that the Cook’s iPhone was unlocked.

Vkansee specializes in the development of optical fingerprint scanners, which, as stated, able to capture more details of the finger surface compared to Touch ID.

For comparison

Plain Optical Fingerprint Scanner:

Sensors, used in smartphones: