How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

We all know, what disputes are raging between lovers of Apple’s smartphones and between those, who prefers gadgets on android. These are two completely different operating systems with their pros and cons.

And if you decide to try something new, thinking, what’s your fancy Android, then they probably already wondered, how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. This is what our article will be devoted to.

Are there easy ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android??

Many companies offer proprietary software for transferring the necessary data to another smartphone, another platform. Take the example of Samsung gadgets. Copying is carried out in a matter of minutes and requires minimum time from the user, action. But what, if such software on the device could not be found? How to be then? Surely you have to manually rewrite everything?

We hurry to please you, «handles» don’t have to do anything, because there are a huge number of third-party applications, allow you to copy the required data to another device in a few minutes. Even in that case, if it is controlled by another operating system.

Transmission by standard means

You need to open any contact on your iPhone, scroll the page to the bottom and select «Share contact». Sending is carried out by message or mail. Given that, that there may be many numbers in the phonebook, this method immediately loses relevance and disappears.

GMAIL – our everything!

Your smartphone is connected to google mail? It has activated data synchronization function? Then you have just found the easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. Let’s deal with that, what exactly needs to be done:

  1. Turning off the synchronization with the apple cloud, it is – iCloud. You do not need to touch the phone book, we do not delete it.
  2. Then go to the settings, go to the menu item.
  3. In the next window, click on «Add account».
  4. Now we enter data from our Google account into the fields provided and click on the button «Further».
  5. In the next window you should choose, what exactly do you want to sync. Presented options: post office; Contacts; Calendars; Notes.
  6. Activate the necessary items.

Congratulations! From this very moment all your data, selected above, synchronized with google account. If you connect your Android smartphone to it and activate synchronization, they will appear on the new gadget. Usually, This option is enabled by default.

iTunes and Google to transfer contacts

You can spend hours writing instructions for all kinds of applications, but we decided to stay on the most popular and simple options. Why complicate your life?!

so, let’s look at the last one:

  1. Run iTunes on your PC, regardless of, what operating system does it run on.
  2. Connect iPhone.
  3. Wait until the device is determined and click on it, to open the smartphone data page.
  4. Go to the tab «Information».
  5. In the contact synchronization window, check the box. A menu will appear, where you will need to choose «Google Contacts».
  6. Now you need to enter data from your Google account and click on the button «To apply». In the same way you can synchronize notes and calendars.
  7. Connect your smartphone to Android to this account and enable synchronization on it.
  8. Is done! After a few minutes, depending on the Internet connection, the contacts will appear on the Android device.