How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to iPhone

Five or six years ago, it was virtually impossible to change the SIM-card with a huge number of contacts – I had to spend a lot of time searching for specialized software, to understand him, backup contacts to file and monitor, so that he does not disappear anywhere from the phone or computer.

But all this is in the past. Soon in the gadgets from Apple appeared built-in function, responsible for transferring contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone. Its main “chip” lies in simplicity, in order to transfer or duplicate contacts from the SIM card, you will have to make a few clicks.

We offer you the most detailed instructions, in which we clearly tell and show, exactly what actions need to be made, to unload contacts into the internal memory of the iPhone, and then to the cloud, if you wish. From the latter, they just will not disappear anywhere.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Next, tap on the submenu “post office, addresses, calendars”.
  3. Click once on “Import SIM contacts”.
  4. Waiting for the end of the import process.

Simple enough, it is so? The process of importing contacts may take several minutes. Yet again, it all depends directly on their number. As soon as the import is over, contacts will be duplicated on the internal memory of the device. But they will not disappear from the SIM card either.

When, if you have long wanted to change it, but feared for data loss, now you can forget about this fear once and for all – No contact from Apple devices disappeared by itself. As we noticed above, so that they probably will not go away (even in case of loss of the device), should activate contact synchronization with the cloud – iCloud.

Why you may need to transfer contacts?

  1. Your sim card is representative “of the past” generation of chips and can not be pruned to micro-SIM, whereas in the purchased iPhone 4S, she needs it.
  2. Or have you decided to switch to a newer iPhone 6S?, but here another SIM card format is applied again – nano. She has become even more miniature, and at the place of purchase of the smartphone, you were denied trimming the SIM-card due to too large a chip – it is right, it will simply cease to function.
  3. You simply decided to change the number or operator, already managed to buy a new sim card.

In fact, You can contact your nearest service center, so that there you for a certain fee transferred contacts from the old SIM card to the new. But why would anyone pay, if all this can be done by yourself, spending at most a couple of minutes?

If suddenly you have cut a new card, without thinking about transferring information to it from the old device, and now you can not insert it – you should use an adapter from micro or nano to full-size SIM.

Just insert a SIM card into the adapter, so she sat there like “dear”, after which you install this adapter in your old gadget. If this is also an Apple device – copy information about the same instructions, and even better – immediately sync it to the cloud. Depending on the OS version, additional actions may be needed.