How to track consumable iMessage cellular traffic on iPhone

When forwarding text messages, Photos and videos in iMessage are not familiar protocols for sending SMS and MMS, and internet traffic.

It means, that the application can consume mobile traffic limit, which significantly hit the pocket. Luckily, cellular data consumption can be controlled by regular iOS.

note, the most traffic is spent when sending photos and videos, not text messages. For example, up to 5 MB can be used when transferring one photo, whereas a simple text without investments barely falls short of several kilobytes and in no way affects the spending of money.

How to determine the amount of cellular traffic, consumable iMessage

  1. Open up «Settings» and select «cellular»;
  2. Scroll through the list of applications and find «System services»;
  3. Open up «Messaging service» and check, how much traffic does iMessage consume.

Unlike third-party applications, deactivate cellular data sending, while the iPhone is in Wi-Fi coverage, is impossible. The only thing, what can be done – disable iMessage completely and return to using SMS. This will reduce data consumption, however, SMS will have to be paid according to the tariff plan.

The best way out of this situation would be to periodically monitor the volume of traffic in order to prevent overruns. Besides, is it possible to use Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet?.