How to take a screenshot (screenshot) on an Apple Watch

Function, allowing you to take a screenshot (screenshot), can be very useful.

However, not everyone knows, that it is present not only in desktop computers and mobile devices, but also in «smart» Apple Watch. In case of, if you ever need a screenshot, we will tell, how to do it.

How to enable screenshots on Apple Watch

To take a screenshot of the Apple Watch, you need to use the Digital Crown wheel and the side button. However, First of all, you need to go into the Watch program on the iPhone, choose section «My watch», click on «The main», and then on «Screen shots».

By following these steps, You can take a screenshot on the Apple Watch itself.

How to take screenshots on Apple Watch

You need to press Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously with two fingers, then flash will appear, signaling that, that the picture was taken successfully.

To view a screenshot, need to open an application on iPhone «Photo», select tab «Albums» and go to the section «camera roll» or «Screen shots».

Worth considering, what a similar action with buttons while using the application «Workout» will stop training. Pressing the wheel and button again will resume training.