How to take a screenshot of the screen of the iPhone / iPad / iPod

If you’re a new Apple Apple user, be it an iPad, iPod or iPhone, then surely you are not open to all possibilities and one of these important opportunities, who should know every owner of this technology – this “screen screenshot”.

To be honest, I myself was confused, when once accidentally held two buttons, thereby heard the sound, who notified me, About, that i took a picture (screenshot) screen.

For, To take a screen shot you need to simultaneously press the HOME button (the main and only button on the front side) and the Power button (inclusions/shutdown). The pictures you take are saved in “film” (photo app), as far as I remember, they are the last in the list.

A screenshot can be made in any open application or game, and even in the application “Camera”, that is, you can take a screenshot, Total, what is on the screen of your smartphone.

You do not need any third-party applications or other gadgets, not worth digging in the app store in search, after all, the manufacturer has already implemented such a simple and very necessary function in his equipment.