How to sync iPhone with computer

Often users, just starting out with Apple’s wonderful technology, There are certain difficulties when trying to sync the iPhone with a computer.

In practice, everything is much simpler, what might seem in theory. You just need to familiarize yourself with sensible step-by-step instructions, what you are invited to do right now.

ITunes sync

Most often, iTunes is used to connect iPhone with computers. Apple’s multifunctional utility allows you to back up various files, sync directory, upload content and t.d.

To sync via USB do the following:

First step. We connect the smartphone to the computer.

Second step. We see in the pre-run iTunes tab with a description of the iPhone and a menu with various characteristics. We have the ability to synchronize in manual and automatic modes. It is better to choose the first option. Lack of synchronization in automatic mode, that if any of the synchronized files are deleted from the computer’s memory, it will disappear from your iPhone.

Is done! You can upload files and perform other actions.


Your iOS is older than version 5, and iTunes above modification 10.5? Rid yourself of cords, make a Wi-Fi connection! To do this, connect your computer and smartphone to the same network and turn on iTunes.

In the left tab, find the device you want. In the proposed tab, you will need to click on the Review and tick off the line called «Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi». Nothing succeeded? Check out, Is your iPhone connected to a computer or laptop?. To do this, activate synchronization with iTunes on your smartphone, or find the category Basic in the settings section, and then click on Sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi. The phone will automatically connect.

Direct sync

Also, iPhone owners can use the function of direct synchronization with a laptop or computer via usb or docking station. Simple way, However, it provides much less functions compared to connecting via iTunes.

Just connect the smartphone to the computer. If MacOS is installed, the system will prompt you to synchronize.

In the case of connecting to another operating system, iPhone will first ask, can you trust this computer. Confirm, and synchronization will begin.

The functionality of this method is very limited. You can only drop files from your iPhone to your computer. For the reverse procedure will have to work with iTunes.