How to switch to an Apple Music family subscription with an individual

Since the announcement of Apple Music, almost no one doubted that, that the apple company will launch one of the best music services in the world.

Main question, who interested music lovers — subscription price, and here Apple was pleasantly surprised, significantly reducing tariffs for users of Russian Apple ID accounts.

Particularly attractive is the family subscription, allows you to connect to the service immediately six accounts. In this case, the accounts are offline, for each Apple Music is a separate list of preferences, recommendations, listening history. Going from an individual to a family subscription is pretty simple, and this can be done during the trial three-month period of using the service.

Family subscription to Apple Music is implemented through the function «Family Access» in iOS and OS X. I.e, to go to this type of payment, Apple ID required. To do this, go to Settings —> iCloud —> Configure family access on the device or System Settings —> iCloud —> Mac Family Access. Maximum number of participants «Family Access» is six people, at the same time, you can remove or add new accounts at any time.

How to switch to Apple Music family subscription for iPhone or iPad

1 way

  1. Launch the Music app.
  2. Open profile settings.
  3. Select Go To Family Subscription…, then click Ok.

2 way

  1. Run the App Store application and tab «Selection» scroll down, find your Apple ID;
  2. Pressing the Apple ID button brings up the menu, in which there is a required section «View Apple ID«;
  3. Go to the Subscriptions section —> To manage —> Apple Music;
  4. Install «checkbox» opposite the subscription «Family» and confirm actions.

How to switch to Apple Music Family Subscription on Mac OS X

  1. Run iTunes and click the profile name in the top bar;
  2. Go to the section «Account Information«;
  3. Here we are interested in the Settings section, which has a Subscriptions menu —> To manage;
  4. Find the section Subscribe to Apple Music, change the type of subscription from individual to family and confirm actions.

An important nuance is, that during the trial period, Apple allows you to repeatedly change the individual subscription to the family and back, but after «trial» Apple Music will debit the amount from your account, matching current subscription type.