How to speed up any iPhone without jailbreak in 30 seconds

One of the features of iOS is animation, giving interactivity and smoothness to the operating system interface.

Animation accompanies the process of starting or closing applications, call multitasking and other user actions. Despite all the beauty, similar effects reduce iOS performance, especially on older smartphones. For example, users cannot interact with applications or system, until the animation process is complete.

There are a lot of jailbreak tweaks, allowing to remove or speed up animation in iOS. However, Using the new method, users can turn off the visual effects, without jailbreaking. No full animation shutdown in iOS, however, the desired result can be achieved by operating a specific error. As a result, the iPhone or iPad will work much faster.

How to disable animation on the home screen in iOS without jailbreak

  1. Activate the AssistiveTouch option in the menu «Settings» -> «Main» -> «Universal access» -> AssistiveTouch;
  2. Drag the AssistiveTouch button that appears to the bottom right corner of the home screen;
  3. Swipe from top to bottom, to trigger spotlight;
  4. After that, how the AssistiveTouch button will appear above the virtual keyboard above, swipe up from the bottom (above the keyboard), to close spotlight;
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 approximately 20 times, to turn off animation in iOS. The number of repetitions varies by device.

That’s all. Now the interaction with the iPhone or iPad will be much faster. In order to return iOS to its original state, just restart the device.