How to simultaneously open two pages in a browser on an iPhone or iPad?

Steve Jobs at one time expressed himself on this point very aptly: «For this there is an application»! And really – if you need a function, allowing you to simultaneously open two in your iPhone browser (and even 3) pages – just download the specialized program from the App Store in the face of the Split Web Browser.

Download Split Web Browser, open it – and, as the saying goes, right away «feel the difference»! Start screen split in half! In the upper half you open one page, at the bottom – another, and enjoy that, which is usually only on Android – simultaneous work with two tabs.

By the way, if desired, the number of tabs is easy to increase – up to three or four. In the application settings (Settings → Split) You can specify up to three rows and up to four columns.

Changes are applied immediately, so that you «in real time» can understand, Do not overdo it with the number of windows under the web page. After all, you can finish playing with the settings before, that the content will not be visible at all! But if you stay within reason, then work immediately with the mail, search engine and read the news on your favorite site is quite possible (especially if your device has a large display).

You can also customize the operation of Siri, turn on «private»,  t.e. non-marking web browsing, choose your favorite search engine, display the download indicator, switch to fullscreen or desktop mode.

The application works as in portrait, so in landscape modes. On each page you can go back, bookmark it or expand one of the pages to full screen.