How to sign (add a signature) an electronic document on Mac (macOS)

In life, everyone has situations, when you need to send a document with a usual signature somewhere far, far away (with a stroke).

Usually people travel or mail a paper letter. But it is not necessary to suffer at all — you can easily put your signature on a digital document without much effort.

How to add a signature to an electronic document on Mac (macOS)

  1. Run the application view.
  2. Choose Tools consistently → Add mark → Signature → Manage signatures.

There are two ways to create a signature

Way №1: Camera (is recommended). Sign up on a piece of paper and scan the signature with your Mac’s iSight camera (automatically, no additional equipment required).

Way №2. Trackpad (immediately warn — mouse will not work). Ideally, in order, to get a quality signature, best use stylus.

You can add many signature options to the system. To remove unnecessary, click on the annotation button in the menu or once again follow the path Tools → Add mark → Signature → Manage signatures, and then click on the gray cross next to the caption in order, to remove it.

How to add a signature to an electronic document (picture, PDF and t.d.)

  1. Open a PDF file or any other image, which must be signed.
  2. On the toolbar, click on the icon, opening additional Markup panel (cm. screenshot below) or select in the menu bar Tools → Add mark → Signature. Click on the caption icon.
  3. You will see the signature you created earlier. Click on it, to insert an image with it in your document.
  4. The caption will be inserted as a large image in the center of the page. You can move it to the right place and reduce it in size (for this, pull one of the corners).
  5. After that, as a document «signed by», it can be safely closed — your signature will be saved automatically.

Remove signature from document after, how was it closed, can no longer.