How to shoot a video on the iPhone – tips from a professional

Absolute majority of users use exactly one button when shooting video on iPhone – big red in the regular camera application.

More advanced know, that at the same time the device needs to be kept horizontally, and still able to move the focus. What else can you do, to shoot really cool videos on your iPhone?

Mobile cameras are getting better every year, engineers are working to create better optics, performance chips and functional software for them, but we are still hardly able to shoot a video with fireworks on a city day or a children’s matinee so, so it would not be a shame to put in a social network. About, how to record movie quality movies on the iPhone, told Ste Smith – professional video filming and editing from the site of Cult of Mac.

Rule 1. Do not use regular application

The only advantage of the native Camera application in iOS – this is a quick access to it from the lock screen, otherwise this program does not please with its functionality.

Ionography lovers should better find a more advanced application on the App Store, author recommends quite expensive, but option satisfying practically all requirements of the professional – program FiLMiC Pro.

Video example, captured on iPhone 7 Plus using FiLMiC Pro processing:

Rule 2. Use stabilizer

Another item, implying financial expenses. Yes, in some cases, you can shoot a good video with hands, resting on a tree or fixing hands on the roof of a car, but in most cases you will need a special accessory to get good content.

As the cheapest option you can purchase a Glif mount from StudioNeat, which allows you to install the iPhone on any tripod, if necessary. However, in order to conduct vloga or shooting amateur reports, you will have to fork out for a wearable stabilization system.

The most popular device in this category today is DJI Osmo, however, the author of the manual offers a cheaper and no less functional Smooth-Q gadget from Zhiyun Tech.

Rule 3. Do not use digital zoom

Zoom in on the subject, using software methods – common mistake novice operators. Do anything, approach the object in any way possible (drive up on an office chair with wheels or roll a camera on a skateboard), but do not use digital zoom, which instantly reduces video quality. When shooting without magnification, objects will remain sharp, and the focus and blurred background will allow you to place accents.

Rule 4. More light

In most cases, the quality of the image is directly proportional to the number and intensity of light sources. Below are two images, which clearly demonstrate this. When shooting the frame on the left, only the diodes illuminated the person, ceiling mounted room, and on the right – the flashlight was additionally installed, shining straight in the face.

Rule 5. Golden ratio

Photographers and videographers often use the simplified version «golden section», the so-called «rule of thirds». In simple terms, it says, that when building a composition, it would not be superfluous to move the object slightly horizontally or lower the horizon vertically, using the grid drawn in many programs on the screen.

Here is an example of shooting on the iPhone, created by Ste Smith from Cult of Mac.