How to set the screen saver in the form of Apple Watch dial on Mac OS X?

Every Mac owner has the opportunity to touch «most personal device» Apple. In this article we will talk about the new screensaver in the style of Apple Watch dials and show you how to install them on OS X.

Top Apple Designers create a variety of dials for smart watches, and if you fell in love with a few standard screensavers, then be sure to install the corresponding screensaver on Mac.

Virtual chronograph was developed by an ardent fan of Apple Watch — Rasmus Nilsson. Total ported five different dials (Official, Plain, X-Large, Chronograph and Ordinary), each of which can be diluted with 17 colors.

Quality screen savers on top. Screensaver supports Retina displays!

The screensaver is absolutely free, for what mentally or in writing we transfer to the developer «thank!». To work, you need a Mac with OS X 10 installed.10 or newer.

How to download and install the Apple Watch screensaver on Mac OS X?

  1. Go to the official developer page.
  2. Click on the flashing button «Watch OS X. Download screensaver».
  3. Double click on the downloaded file «WatchOSX.saver».
  4. In the settings pop-up window, set the screen saver for one or all Mac users.
  5. Go to the menu → System settings… → Desktop and Screensaver → tab «Screensaver».
  6. In the left side menu, scroll down the list of screensavers and select the installed «Watch OSX».
  7. Click the button «Control screensaver».
  8. Choose from five themes and seventeen colors, and then click «OK».
  9. You can preview the screen saver, hovering over the screensaver thumbnail and clicking on the button that appears «View».

Is done!