How to save a Safari website page on an iPhone (iPad) for reading without Internet: 2 ways

In this article we will tell about one very useful thing, allows you to save web pages in a regular Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad for further viewing without an Internet connection.

For various reasons, many users love to save web pages for further reading in those places, where there is no free wifi. For this purpose, you can use the services of third-party developers, but what, if there is no desire to install other software from the App Store? There is a solution!

How to save the website page offline on iPhone and iPad to PDF and browse without Internet (for devices with iOS 11 and higher)

This method allows you to save the site page to a PDF file with the ability to view without the Internet. The created file can be an exact copy of the web page (with comments, links, advertising and t.d.), so and the light version in «Read mode».

1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to the required webpage.

2. Tap the bottom of the screen to display the Safari toolbar.

  • when, if you want to save the web page in «Read mode» (no comments and ads), click on the corresponding icon in the upper left corner (in the search bar), and then tap the button Share.
  • when, if you want to save the web page as an exact copy (with comments and advertisements), click share.

3. Select «Create PDF».

4. In the lower left corner of the created PDF file, click the Share button.

5. Select Save to «Files».

6. Specify a place to save and click Add.

7. If desired, on the PDF file, you can make notes (text, sketches), To do this, click the Markup button in the upper right corner.

8. To find the resulting PDF file of the webpage, open the Files app.

How to save the site page on the iPhone and iPad and view it offline in the iBooks application (for iOS 7 and above devices)

1. Open a regular Safari browser and find the page you are interested in.

2. Touch the open page at the bottom, toolbar to appear.

3. To save the saved web page in a readable format, did not contain various kinds of advertising, comments and other data, go to reading mode, for which click on the left of the URL address on a special icon. Respectively, if comments are needed in the created file — do not press the read mode button.

Sometimes the Reading Mode icon does not appear on mobile versions of sites. To download the full version of the site, hold down the Refresh icon for a couple of seconds (circle arrow) and select the Full version option.

After that, the text will take a comfortable view.

4. Open the toolbar again and use the central button «Share».

5. In the menu that appears, immediately under the AirDrop function, find the icon with the signature «Save PDF to iBooks». Click on it and wait until the creation of the PDF document.

6. After saving is complete, the iBooks application opens.

Each PDF file will contain the desktop version of the entire web page. Each page reflects a specific fragment.