How to restore contacts on iPhone or iPad

Sometimes iOS users are faced with the need to restore a list of contacts from iCloud to an iPhone or iPad. In most cases, this is due to the acquisition of a new smartphone (tablet) or reset the device to factory settings.

Besides, Sometimes you can accidentally disable contact synchronization in the device’s iCloud section.

Below are some simple steps, necessary to restore contacts on the iPhone or iPad from the Apple cloud storage.

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How to delete contacts from iPhone or iPad correctly

When deleting a contact from iPhone or iPad when iCloud sync is on, it is automatically deleted and from «the clouds».

Therefore, in no case do not delete the contacts yourself (one by one) in the Phone app or the Contacts app.

You must remove the contacts from the device, but at the same time so that they stay in iCloud. To do this, go to the Apple ID section (the top one in Settings) and at the very bottom click on the button «Go out».

From the proposed options, select «Exit iCloud and Store» or «Logout from iCloud».

To the question of the system, what to do with the contacts on the device answer «Delete», thereby removing contacts from an iPhone or iPad, but leave them in iCloud.

How to restore contacts on iPhone or iPad

1. Check for contacts in iCloud, visiting icloud from computer (Apple ID data entry required).

The list of available contacts will be located in the Contacts section. If desired, ibid, add new contacts (button «+» in the lower left corner). All of them will appear on the iOS device after synchronization settings.

2. Open application «Settings» on iPhone or iPad. Select the Apple ID section (at the very top), go to the iCloud section and login with your Apple ID.

Note. If you have already been authorized and switch «Contacts» activated, but contacts are not displayed in the Phone app, deactivate it. After this message appears, in which the user will be asked to save contacts on the iPhone (iPad) or remove them. Select «Remove from my iPhone». If switch «Contacts» already deactivated, perform the next step.

3. Activate the switch «Contacts». A popup message will appear. Select the Merge Contacts option, in order for contacts located on the device to be combined with contacts in iCloud or Delete from iPhone (iPad) to remove them from the device.

The download of contacts from iCloud to the device will begin. Keep in mind, contacts will not appear immediately. Synchronization may take several minutes.

How to recover deleted contacts from iCloud on iPhone or iPad

When, if contacts have been removed from iCloud, then Apple allows you to restore them within 30 days. For, to restore deleted contacts, use this instruction.